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We are a not for profit organisation working to promote the benefit of a fair and compassionate rights-based social security system which meets the needs of the people of Scotland. In addition to this, we provide a range of services to support disabled people, those who are chronically ill and the carers who support them.
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We campaign for the creation of a system which puts the needs of claimants and carers at its centre, and a system which fully engages with claimants and carers through the design, implementation and the continual review of social security provision.
We use the Gàidhlig translation of Sochair na h-Alba for Welfare Scotland and this translation is incorporated within our logo and name style. We do intend to create a Gàidhlig language plan and work towards providing information in both English and Gàidhlig.
Welfare Scotland is a registered and authorised data holder in the UK. Our ICO license number is ZA565962.
Welfare Scotland is a non-profit organisation registered with Companies House in Edinburgh. We are a company limited by guarantee and the organisation has a legal exemption from the regulatory requirement to use the designation ‘Limited’ and ‘Ltd’. Our registered company number is SC574987 and our registered office address is Suite 11, 115 Carstairs Street, Glasgow, G40 4JQ. This is a mailing address and does not receive visitors.

Suite 11, 115 Carstairs Street, Glasgow, G40 4JQ
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Welfare Scotland is a non-profit company Limited by Guarantee. Registered no. SC574987. Registered and authorised data holder in the UK. ICO licence number ZA565962
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