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We are Welfare Scotland

We are a not for profit organisation working to promote the benefit of a fair and compassionate rights-based social security system which meets the needs of the people of Scotland. In addition to this, we provide a range of services to support disabled people, those who are chronically ill and the carers who support them.

Promoting the benefit of full involvement of disabled people, those who are chronically ill and their carers

We believe that disabled and chronic ill people have the best understanding of their needs and the the support they require in order to play their full part in a modern Scotland. We believe that the people who know the system best should be involved in the design of it.

Restriction on the use of 'for profit' organisations to carry out core Social Security functions

We believe that involvement of the private sector should be limited from the outset. Core functions of the delivering agency should be delivered in-house with the private sector limited to non-decision making clerical or administration roles supporting ageny staff.

Paid at a rate calculated in line with living costs and uprated annually in line with inflation

We believe that benefits should be calculated with consideration of living costs and should be uprated annually in line with inflation. Social security benefits paid to disabled and chronically ill people should meet the additional expense of being disabled and chronically ill and shouldn't leave the recipient out of pocket.

Fairness, respect and compassion

We believe that the social security system and its application decisions must be fair, the delivering agency and its staff must put respect for the recipients and carers at its core and must act with compassion and understanding.