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Benefits Casework

Our volunteer caseworkers can assist clients navigate the often unnecessarily over-complicated benefits system. We can assist clients applying for and appealing PIP and other benefits for those who are disabled or chronically ill. While we prioritise those who are disabled or chronically ill, we will endeavour to assist those in need who are not, provided we have the capacity.
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Housing Rights

We provide housing advice and representation to those who are disabled or chronically ill and those who care for and support them. We can assist in a range of housing rights matters and can assist by liaising with landlords etc. We are not in a position however to assist with the funding of deposits or removal costs etc.
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Emergency Food Provision

It is a sad reality that due to the state of the current social security system that many people and families are forced to rely on emergency food parcels. Welfare Scotland holds foodbank vouchers for foodbanks across Scotland and can often assist clients to access food in an emergency, even where we do not currently hold vouchers for the foodbank nearest them.
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Appeals and Tribunals

We work with partners to support disabled and chronically ill people and provide representation for social security appeals and tribunals.

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